Submission Guideline

Submission Requirements________________________________________________________________

1. Language

English is the official language of the conference. The paper should be written and presented only in English.

2. Full paper (Publication & Presentation)

Full paper submission is required if you consider publishing your paper.

3. Abstract (Presentation Only)

If you consider making a presentation only at CTCCC 2024 without paper publication, then you can only submit an abstract.

4. Plagiarism check

Each paper will be verified using plagiarism checking system(s) to ensure all referenced material is properly cited and not previously published.

Full Paper Formatting and Length Limit_____________________________________________________

Each paper should have 8 pages at least. A regular registration can cover a paper within 10 pages and more pages will be charged. Please well format your paper according to the template before submission.

Submission Method

Please prepare your abstract or full paper according to the above template and submit it to Online Submission System. Your submission will be confirmed immediately by the system and in 2 working days by conference secretary.
For any inquiry about the submission and conference, please feel free to contact us at

Academic Review Process

All manuscripts are subject to blind peer review by competent reviewers in the relevant field and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence. The reviewers' identities remain anonymous throughout the process. The review process is as below:
- Each paper will be subject to preliminary review such as relevance to the conference topics, repeated publication and repeated submission after submission.
- The conference secretary will inform authors the preliminary review via email around 10 days.
- Once the paper has passed the preliminary review, it will be delivered to reviewed by at least two independent reviewers according to the technicality, content, applicability and etc.
- The conference secretary will send a notification along with the review comments to authors via email around 3 weeks.